My Quick Bio:

I am a wife to Jeff, mother to Claire, friend to many, therapist, and spiritual director who loves Jesus and seeks to make Him known.

Recently, I’ve been training myself to hear God’s voice more often and more clearly. This endeavor is changing me in some surprising ways. Spending intimate time with God does that, doesn’t it?

This blog is about understanding the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how He seeks to guide us continually. It’s also about changing our misconception that hearing from God is difficult or only for the “super-spiritual” among us.

This world is broken in many ways and as a direct result, so are we. I believe the more we can train ourselves to hear the ever-present whispers of the Holy Spirit, the more we’re able to let go of our defenses, addictions, insecurities, anger, fear, anxiety and depression. God has so much more waiting for us.

Please join me on my journey.


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